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Shipping & Surcharge Details


Return Policies

Legacy Industrial Corp. is dedicated to customer satisfaction. If your purchase does not fulfill your needs for any reason please contact us to discuss. The following conditions apply to all returns:

  • Item must be returned within 30 days of purchase
  • Shipping surcharges, if any, are non-refundable
  • A 25% Restocking Fee applies
  • Orders that have shipped and are in-transit cannot be canceled
  • Outbound freight and purchase discount (if any) is deducted from the purchase price
  • Returns are accepted only on standard items
  • The following items cannot be returned: ANY WET PRODUCT including; Kits/Coatings/Primers/Sealers/Dyes/Densifiers/Stains/Pigments (all), Flake/Chips/Aggregates, Diamond Tooling items (all).
  • All returns require an RA number, shipments without this are refused.

Why we don't accept returns on wet-products

  • Many times cans are dented in-transit, they cannot be re-shipped and are destroyed at our expense
  • Many times labels are ripped/rubbed in-transit, they cannot be re-shipped and are destroyed at our expense
  • Safety devices used to keep lids in place are tested/worn in transit, they cannot be re-shipped and are destroyed at our expense
  • We have to provide product that has been stored at the correct temps, this cannot be guaranteed once the product is out of our hands
  • We have to provide product that has not been tampered with, this cannot be guaranteed once the product is out of our hands
  • We have to provide in-batch products for color matching, this cannot be done with returned product
  • Our customers DEMAND brand-new, non-returned, unmolested, viable product, this cannot be guaranteed once the product is out of our hands

Shipping Policies

We use UPS & FEDEX GROUND for nearly all shipments. Shipping to and from Legacy Industrial Corp. is at the customer's expense and varies according to weight, size, shipping type and location. FREE or INCLUDED SHIPPING, in reality, has a cost. All items will be shipped insured. Most of our products cannot be carried on an airplane due the chemical make-up. However, we may be able to overnight non-liquid items overnight or 2nd day, call us for more information. Shipment processing can take up to (2) business days, please allow for this when ordering (COVID RELATED DELAYS HAVE LENGTHENED ALL LEAD TIMES) Consult our Standard Lead Times Chart. We will not credit any item because a customer did not order soon enough, freight company caused delay or if container/packaging is dented or damaged in-transit. If your job is time dependent we suggest you order (2) weeks prior to the install date. Lastly, we are not responsible for collateral costs generated for any reason.


LARGE ORDERS: If you are placing an order for product in excess of 2000 sq ft or in excess of 150 pounds, it may make sense to send your product via LTL Carrier. We will contact you in this case. Customers looking to order for large projects in excess of 10,000 sq ft are encouraged to call us for a streamlined quotation, for freight and product cost.

International Shipping:

We will ship product to your freight forwarder here in the USA. If you need special arrangements or want to order a large amount of products/equipment, please email us for help. We have the ability to expedite shipments to Port of Miami, Port of Jacksonville, Port Canaveral and Port Everglades due to our proximity if needed.

Hawaii, Alaska, and International

Hawaii, Alaska, & International orders are not accepted through our website. We do not ship directly to these areas, please enjoy our free shipping (surcharge may apply) to the closest US state (lower 48) to you and use a courier-service or freight forwarder to your location.


Product that has extreme leaking will be replaced at our expense. Please note that a very small amount of product that has leaked or a dented can does not necessitate replacement product. Be prepared to furnish pictures of your damages for review. We reserve the right to only replace the portion that has shown the leaking.



These products are designed for adults over the age of 18 years of age.

The installation of epoxy and resinous coating products is no easy task. The responsibility and risk associated with the proper installation of the product lies solely on the installer. While we do our best to spell out best practices for installation, job site failures are installation issues, not product issues AND the customer is advised of this at the time of sale. In addition, customer service via text, email and phone is based on what the installer tells us. Lack of information or incorrect information inbound to us can cause feedback that may not reflect the best advice moving forward. Again, the installer assumes risk and control of his job-site installation.

These coating products are manufactured and tested in large batches and sampled constantly to ensure a good quality product. Customer’s protections do not apply to improper use and or installation of the product and the customer knowingly assumes all risk and warranty for the install.

Orders Shipping to California, OTC Phase 1 States, Lake Michigan Air Directors Consortium Zone and Maricopa County, AZ.

The states and zones above have laws governing the amount of VOC's our products may contain. Therefore if you place an order for a product that we cannot ship to your state, we will contact you, and offer a substitute product. Substitute products are typically more costly than non-voc stringent products. Penalties for not following these state laws are major. If you decide you don't want the product at that time, we will cancel your order without penalty to you.

Southern California is a no ship-zone for most of our products. We may not ship to these counties in Southern California: SCAQMD District - LA County, Riverside County, San Bernadino County, Orange County.

*Although we do not break-out our shipping charges on certain products, we do pay for shipping. If you return an item your actual shipping charge will be deducted from the item's purchase price. We will reserve the right to waive this if the product was defective.

Shipping Haz-Mat materials, without certification, is a crime punishable by law and therefore we do not accept returned coating products for credit.