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Nohr-S® Polyurea Coating is a Single Component, UV Stable and Easy to Use concrete floor coating. This product exhibits excellent chemical/wear resistance and is suitable for heavy pedestrian and vehicular traffic. Nohr-S® Polyurea Coatingis available for use as a clear sealer or choose from nine attractive colors (via pigment packs). In addition, Nohr-S® Polyurea Coating is well suited for vinyl flake/chip broadcasting or as a gloss sealer over stained concrete. It has an unlimited pot-life and has a nice gloss. (2) coats are recommended for best coverage, a 3rd coat is acceptable but is optional. Unlike some single component products this material covers very well and produces an attractive gloss. Vehicular traffic may resume after only 72 hours of cure. Coverage: Approx: 250 sq ft per gal, substrate dependent. Choose Legacy Industrial's HDGrip-Soft-Skid additive for a non-skid but cleanable floor. Product is supplied clear, select pigment pack for opaque color. This product is resistant to all common garage chemicals including fuels.


Military Specification Compliance Downloads

  • MIL-W-5044 Type II when intermixed with anti-skid
  • MIL-PRF-23236: Coating Systems for Ship Structures
  • MIL-PRF-24635: Coating Systems, Weather Resistant, Exterior Use
  • This product will not ship to CA SCAQMD zone

This product WILL SHIP to CA, outside the SCAQMD zone

I used Legacy industrial (LI) Polyurea on my garage floor 5 months ago and it looks great! The 675 sq ft garage was new and I purposely did not park cars in it knowing I was going to put a coating on the floor. After much research I decided on the LI Polyurea. After cleaning, etching, and power washing the floor I put down the recommended pigmented epoxy primer, then a color coat of grey with a light coating of flakes, followed by the clear polyurea with anti-slip. After assessing the result I decided to put on a final coat of clear polyurea to cut down on the roughness of the anti-skid. Fortunately I had enough of the clear polyurea left to do a final coat. It couldn't have turned out better. I'm very pleased with the result.

After 2 years it still looks GREAT!
Put it on the garage of a rental house also and looks great!

After a year, the Nohr-S coating looks as GOOD AS NEW!
I'm applying Nohr-S to our new home because it is a great "do it yourself" product that really looks good and LASTS!

This is a real review by a real customer. GREAT Stuff! After having some bad experiences with two part epoxies I decided to try this. It is much easier to work with and after three months it is holding up great. Very pleased. Will review again after a years wear.

We buy from Legacy and import to Russia. Expensive process but tis coating good,

Started preparing for epoxy but found Scotty on internet and like his advice and follow-up.
We have problems with landlord paying but we are happy.

Cant say enogh about Gail and Ronda helping us over the phone with order.
Will buy again

I did our three car garage with no help and I'm very happy with the results. The outside temperature was in the 30 degree zone but I maintained 70 degrees inside. Preparing the floor for the project was the hardest thing but was well worth it. If you are thinking about painting your garage floor you should really consider this product. I'm glad I did.

Came out fine. Fire trucks haven't hurt it yet!