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  • Safety First!
  • Fit the unit correctly before using and check fitment every-time used
  • Consult grinder manufacturer for proper install of tools and use
  • Always wear proper eye, hand and lung protection when grinding
  • Do not allow to wear down to metal plate
  • Compatible with Legacy's SD Grinder -CLICK HERE-
  • Link to Velcro Backed Holder -CLICK HERE-

Resin Bond Diamond Polishing Tool Puck



PT. Husq.ResinBond
In stock

Legacy Industrial provides heavy duty diamond tooling for many of today's popular concrete grinding and polishing machines. These products ship direct from our facility in Winter Garden, FL via USPS Flat Rate Box. The polshing tools featured in this listing:

  • Fits: Any machine equipped with a velcro puck holder
  • Pieces offered in set: 3 pcs (you will receive 3 pcs).
  • Grit: Choose from 200, 400, 800 or 1500
  • Bond: Resin
  • Use: polishing concrete after metal bonded grind/polish is completed