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  • Keep (1) extra driver in stock
  • Use basic white pad between driver and sand discs
  • Wear is slow but can be damaged if abused.

MIGHTY-LOK® 3, Pad Holder



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This multi-purpose pad driver can be used with Twister pads as well as pads, bonnets, and abrasive pucks. The molded polymer pad face has hundreds of individual hooks that grip into the threads of a floor pad, bonnet or diamond disc and hold it securely while the machine is operating. The pad driver includes a molded riser and universal NP-9200 Tru-Fit® Clutch Plate mounted onto the block. HOLDS: Buffing Pads, Sanding Discs* and Twister Pads to your machine. *use basic white pad between this holder and sanding screen discs

Riser and Clutch is included with each driver.