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  • Use a 1/8" notched squeegee & roller
  • Work mixed product from the floor
  • High Gloss "Still Wet Look"
  • Choose SD-XF for faster cure

SD Epoxy Coating



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100% Solids Premium Epoxy Coating, High Build Base Coat. This product will give a rich depth to the surface. Excellent hide for imperfections. When using over raw concrete, apply a primer-coat of our Standard Epoxy Coating/Primer to prime the surface. Apply using brush and roller. Coverage: Approx. 130 sq ft. per gallon. Choose our SD-FastCure for reduced curing time and shorter pot-life (reduces cure by approx. 4 hours). This product contains no solvents and is considered a no/low smell coating. Compliant with Military Spec. MIL-PRF-24613 TYPE I CLASS 2 and conforms with USDA guidelines, post cure. Effective immediately, 3.0 gallon units will be packaged in a "cradle kit". This type of packaging includes a free 5.0 gallon mixing bucket with each 3.0 gal unit for our customers. REMINDER: HD, SD and SD-Clearview Epoxy Products are to be mixed and dumped on the floors in ribbons, never work from a mix-bucket!




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