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Topical Sealers

SEC Sealer

Legacy's S tandard E poxy C lear Sealer (SEC Sealer) is an easy to apply epoxy sealer. This product will produce a...

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Matte Agent Pack

Polymer based matte-agent. For use with our HD6525/6600MMA or Solvent Based sealers, only. Coverage: (1) unit...

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Legacy Industrial's HD6600-MMA™ Concrete Sealer is a "best in class" 30% solids methyl...

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NOTICE: HD6525-MMA has been discontinued, we will supply HD6600-MMA in it's place. HD6600-MMA is a better sealer and is compatible with HD6525-MMA....

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HD6500EXT Concrete Sealer is a clear, satin-finish, fast drying, water-based, non-yellowing, pure acrylic concrete...

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HD40 Concrete StainGuard
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Legacy Industrial's "HD40 Concrete StainGuard™" is the ultimate...

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Pigment for Legacy Industrial's HD6600-MMA . Supplied in a 16 oz bottle. Use 1 bottle of tint per 5 gallon...

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