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  • Use dry sand as a filler
  • Use our applicator bottles to apply: LINK
  • Fill bug holes and deviations too!

Xtreme Set 100 Crack/Joint Filler



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Legacy Industrial's Xtreme Set 100 is a must have when installing an epoxy or polyurea floor system or just repairing concrete!

Xtreme Set 100, is the fastest and easiest crack, joint and spall repair product available today. Polyurea technology allows for an extremely strong and efficient product for DIY or Pro Installed floors. Dry and sand-able in 20 minutes. 100% Solids Formula, Mix Ratio: 1:1 - no waste and no mistakes!! Filler: locally supplied dry sand (recommended). Use for all types of concrete repairs when you are against the clock or the temperature is low. Use our optional squeeze bottles for easy application of this product. Temps: -20 to 130 deg f. Exterior or Interior Use.

Link: Application Bottles Video: Click to watch

File name File size
Tech Data 125 Kb
SDS Part A 446 Kb
SDS Part B 454 Kb

This sh@t works awesome!! We completely saved a slab riddled with cracks and did it in record time!!