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Nohr-S Polyurea Coating™ Garage Kit, Pigmented



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nohr-s pig kit
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Nohr-S PolyureaGarage Coating Kit (pigmented)is an easy way to source a full compliment of product to successfully coat your garage floor with the popular and easy to use Nohr-S Polyurea™. These kits offer ease of installation and the fastest return to service available in a garage kit. Compare 36 hours for vehicle traffic vs. 7 days for our competition!! Available in (4) popular colors, (13) blends of flake and (3) sizes 300 sq ft, 600 sq ft and 1200 sq ft. Our kit includes the following items:

Coat 1: Standard Primer (pigmented)

Coat 2: Nohr-S Polyurea™with the required amount of pigment (place flakes in this coat)

Coat 3: Nohr-S Polyurea™ (clear coat)

Flake: 1/4" Vinyl Flake (300 sq ft kit: 2 lb, 600 sq ft kit: 4 lb, 1200 sq ft kit: 8 lb)

Optional Tools: (1) 18" standard frame, (3) 18" roller sleeves, (1) mix wand, (2) 20" paint tray, (1) whizz roller, (3) whizz sleeves, (2) chip brushes, instructions. (customer to supply Personal Protection Equipment, see MSDS for details).

Optional Anti-Skid: HDGrip Soft-Skid™in Fine or Ultra-Fine

*kits cover "up to" the project sizes listed. (rough surfaces, deviations, joints, etc... can reduce actual coverage)

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