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  • Use a standard pump sprayer
  • Treat garage floors, patios, walks, clay roofs, etc...
  • Compare to other invisible siloxane based products for HUGE SAVINGS


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Silax-Seal™ is a "Best in Class" invisible penetrating sealer for interior and exterior concrete surfaces. This silane/siloxane solution creates an internal membrane within concrete and masonry surfaces that greatly reduces water and moisture penetration while limiting the staining ability of oil and fluids. In addition, Silax-Seal™ also helps to defeat the ill effects of freeze/thaw, spalling and scaling. Use approx. 250 sq ft per gal, per coat. Use a pump-sprayer for application. Consult our tech-data sheet for more information. For particularly porous concrete (exterior), paving stones or areas requiring a higher level of protection, consider a pre-treatment of HD-37 Densifier Plus!

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