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  • Apply (2) coats for best finish and coverage
  • Add a coat of Cherry Wax for improved performance!

HD6525MMA Concrete Sealer



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Legacy Industrial's HD6525-MMA™ Concrete Sealer is a ready to use 25% solids methyl methacrylate that provides a high performance, fast drying, non-yellowing, sealer for indoor and outdoor concrete applications. HD6525-MMA™ offers improved resistance to rain, the sun, freezing temperatures, stains, hot-tires, and other pollutants that sometimes can be hazardous to concrete. HD6525-MMA™ can be considered the ultimate multi-use concrete sealer that has better chemical, weatherability and wear resistance compared to most solvent and water based acrylic sealers that are commonly used in the industry. Now available in (35) rich solid colors! Use this product for exterior and interior applications.

File name File size
Tech Data 116 Kb
Color Chart 1,463 Kb
SDS 173 Kb